About Me


I am Adarsh Sojitra. I am a 25 years old computing enthusiast from India. Everything from a simple transistor to AI/ML interests me. I learned HTML, CSS in 4th grade. Learned C by 6th grade. Made a few projects in C to solve basic mathematics.

Soon after that, I started learning blogging and SEO. It was very interesting for me to do something practical that can actually help me make money. So, I did a lot of blogging and SEO projects. Here are just a few of them that made some money.

  1. ideasoverdose.com
  2. bloggingisart.com
  3. pancardstatus.org.in

I have invested time and money in more than 25-30 projects. Around 3-4 of them were success. However, I learned fundamentals of SEO in the blogging and SEO years.

In January 2016, Me and a few team members started working on serveravatar.com. After 6 months, I was working alone on the project. The partnerships with project did not work out, mainly because I was too naive and stubborn.

I was very dedicated to the project. So, I kept working on it anyhow. On 2nd July 2016, I launched the Beta version of ServerAvatar v1.0. It was totally free for 1 year.

On 2nd July 2017, ServerAvatar became SaaS that made some revenue. It was enough to sustain 1 man army. ServerAvatar started very small and was 1 man army for next 2 years. I basically managed everything from replying customers to code to marketing.

In 2019, I started with 1 additional team member. In the same year, I added 2 more team members. In the same year, ServerAvatar also started making some serious revenue. It became the most successful project I have ever done in my life.

In 2020, ServerAvatar added 3 more team members, soon after that, 1 more team member. The 2020 was fully remote. All the team members worked from home. It was an awesome year when it comes to the revenue too.

In 2021 and 2022, ServerAvatar has grown from a small project to a fast growing Startup. Right now, I am fully focused on Marketing the product to the right audience and grow fast. ServerAvatar has an awesome technical team that is ready to solve any problem that comes in a way.

So, This is my professional life. My personal life has been plain black-and-white as well as filled with tons of colors and everything in between. Overall, My personal life has been very volatile and I am happy I have experienced lots of things early in life.